Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Light Testing

Elda Fire can take the stress away from meeting all fire & electrical compliance regulations

Our Emergency Light Testing / Servicing Includes:

  • Lumen level output assessment
  • Switches & Power Points Check
  • Battery Discharge Check
  • Full Report /  Register
  • Full Compliance Certificate
  • No VAT
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Emergency Light Testing


Emergency Lighting is 100% paramount and legally you are required to ensure they are safe and reliable during the event of an incident.

Elda Fire’s Emergency Light Testing process is sculpted around your requirements, We provide flexible yearly testing. After checking all locations of your emergency lights to ensure their best possible position, We will  then check to see if they are in correct working order and provide a solution that will cause minimal disruption, but maintaining speed and reliability.By testing the essential components such as switches, power sources and controls and lumen levels, Elad Fire does not leave a stone unturned. Once everything is completed and satisfactory, we will issue a Full Compliance Certificate to verify everything we have tested.If at any point our trained engineers notice any other installation defects, we will advise you along the way.

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Emergency Light Testing
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